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Signs of Teenage Drinking and/or Drug Use

Teenagers are naturally moody and their behavior changes from day to day.  In isolation some of these behaviors are normal for teenagers.  Experts feel that if you notice many of these at the same time or appear suddenly or are excessive, your child may have an alcohol or a drug problem.

•    Mood changes: sudden flare-ups in temper, irritability and defensiveness
•    School problems: low grades, poor attendance and or discipline issues
•    Resists family rules
•    Change in friends and reluctant to let you get to know “new friends”
•    An “I could care less attitude”, sloppy dressing, lack of involvement in former interests and lethargic
•    Discovering alcohol or drugs in your child’s room or backpack or smelling alcohol on his/her breath
•    Physical and emotional problems, loss of memory, unable to concentrate on tasks, bloodshot eyes, lack of coordination, slurred speech